Turn your voice into greeting card

Create emotional connection when you gift someone you love


How it works

Greetingram is an online gift shop that allows you to create greeting card with your customized voice message. Personalize your gift-giving experience that is uniquely by you, from the bottom of your heart. Perfect for birthday, wedding, anniversary, Valentine, friendship, Father's Day and Mother's Day.

1. Record

Record voice greeting message from your phone

2. Upload

Upload and send your voice recording file online

3. Music

Choose a song to go with the voice greeting

4. Submit

Submit, place order and get your physical card delivered


Surprise, fun and loving

Gift receiver will receive a physical card contains a QR code. They unlock the gift sender's message by scanning the QR code on phone. Receiver will hear your greeting message followed by the song your choice!


Make every moments special

Human voice can give emotions and feelings to words. Greetingram helps you create greeting card with the deepest expression of love, care, inspiration, excitement and gratitude. Gift someone you love today.

What's included?

A pinch of your creativity, cuteness, romance, and also...

  • Greeting card

  • Nicely wrapped in gift box

  • Free delivery to your doorstep

Pre-order your card today!

No charges. Place your order to get RM 15 discount when we go live soon!

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